Saturday, September 17, 2011

New and old pains

First off, I have a confession to make... I've been cheating on this blog.  There's another blog in my life.  I realised after much consideration and thought that I'd like to blog about more than just lupus.  Which is the main reason I haven't posted on here is almost a month.

There have been lupus developments.  As you know, after I complained to my rheumy about this persistent rash, he increased my Plaquenil dosage to 400 mg 7 days a week (from 5 days a week).  Plaquenil's effects aren't noticeable immediately.  It does take anywhere from a month or more to see anything change.  So, initially, the rash stayed.  But slowly, after about a month, the rash started subsiding.  Within 6 weeks it was gone.  I was meant to go in for a follow-up appointment on Aug 18, but I didn't go for my blood test on time and the doctor wanted blood work results when he saw me.

With the rash gone, and with renewed energy, I thought I was over the hump.  Then something interesting started happening.  I'm not quite sure when it started (another reason I really should blog more often), but I started feeling achy when I got out of bed.  Kind of like the achy feeling you get when you have the flu.  Sort of a whole body ache and not a localized pain.  I let it go for a while, thinking it was the AC that was causing my joints to stiffen but the ache hasn't gone away.

I finally ended up getting my blood test on Sep 8 and have an appointment with my rheumy on Sep 27.  I'll be sure to bring this up with him.  I've never had joint pain before so I have no idea what it's supposed to feel like.  I always thought it would be a sharp pain, not a dull ache... but I really don't know.  Also, while I'm no longer as fatigued as I was a month ago, I can feel my stress levels rising.  A lot of it has to do with juggling Camran's school requirements with the baby and establishing a routine for both of them.  I'm hoping the pressure and stress ease within a couple weeks.

I'll keep you posted on this new development.

On another note, I finally went to see my family doctor.  I needed a new prescription for Keppra and I took the opportunity to discuss the need to continue with this medication.  I haven't had a seizure or any related seizure activity in over 2 years.  While the medication isn't hindering my lifestyle in any way, it does have an impact on my budget.  The medication costs me $20 a month and that's WITH my insurance paying for 80% of it.  I wouldn't be sorry to see it go.  On the other hand, I don't want to risk another seizure and risk having my driver's license revoked again.  I don't think I could bear another year of that.  Since Dr. Licorish is getting increasingly difficult to get a hold of, my family doctor has referred me to another neurologist.  Still waiting for a call from his/her office for an appointment.  I'll keep you posted on this one too.

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