Thursday, January 21, 2010

Closer to going back

It has been a while - a few updates on the Lupus front. I had my last rheumy appointment on Jan 8 and he was pleased with the bloodwork. He said the Prednisone effects will stay in my system for about a month. We discussed a return-to-work date and settled on Mar 2, going back on a gradual return to work. So, the first two weeks, it'll be two days a week, then three days a week for the next two weeks, then four days a week for another two weeks and finally back to work full-time on Apr 12. Right after my 30th birthday.

Sounds weird that I'm leaving my 20s behind in a few weeks. I can't believe all the things that have happened in the last 10 years. Some good, some bad but I've taken something away from every one of those experiences. I had a son, I lost two unborn babies, I was in health-limbo for two years and I was finally diagnosed with something. I found a wonderful company to work for and I'm glad I'm going back there. I've been able to get all the material things I thought were just a distant dream 10 years ago. From all the things that have happened, the one thing that I've learned, is that God's will is in everything. I was such a planner - always have been. Then I realised that I can plan and have goals and dreams but if they're in my destiny, they'll come true. I've learned to make compromises on the things that aren't in my destiny - the things I know I can't change and I've learned to be happy with those compromises and accept them as willful changes in my life. I wouldn't have given up any one of those life experiences because I do believe I've emerged a stronger woman because of it. A woman who has learned to accept things but learned never to give up finding the good out of the bad.

I've been toying with an idea lately. I want to send Camran to private school. Private schools here are grossly expensive but they so far outweigh the public school systems that it seems like a reasonable way to spend money. This is one of those things, that I feel are part of mine, Aamir's and Camran's destiny (or not). The whole reason I started to look at private school is because they re-zoned our school boundaries and the french school that is our "home" school is too far from home and I'm not too keen on the facilities. I did try to talk to our school Trustee and she said that the school board just changed those boundaries and would not be changed again anytime soon. I feel... and I could be wrong, of course... I feel that this happened for a reason. And my whole logic of sending Camran to private school was a result of this event (the re-zoning) that was out of my control. Let's see. We're looking at Sep 2011, when he goes into Grade 1. He's an intelligent boy and gobbles up anything we throw his way. Plus, I look at the benefit of him getting the bilingual IB Diploma (in french AND english) and it seems like a good idea. I graduated with the IB Diploma and in english only and I still think, 11 years later, that it is THE best university preparatory course. Now, I just have to come up with an extra $25,000 a year! But I'm confident that it'll happen and, if it doesn't, then at least I know that I'd tried everything in my power. The rest was up to God and He felt it wasn't the right option.

That's about it. Pretty heavy for a Thursday night. Be back soon. Hugs.

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