Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Perinatologist appointment

I had my appointment with the Perinatologist today. He was super nice! What a difference from my regular ob-gyn!! In a nutshell, he said that miscarriages, in general, just happen. Most times it's because of chromosomal abnormalities and have nothing to do with any real "problem". However, in light of the fact that I have been newly diagnosed with Lupus, the general consensus is that the disease must be under control before getting pregnant for the overall health of the mother and the baby. He said the ideal state would be to be on the lowest medication possible to have the disease under control. I told him that I've been flare-free for 6 months now but I've been in remission for 13 months in the past without medication, so 6 months doesn't mean much.

He said that the best thing for me to do is to get back in touch with Dr. Carl Laskin (the best in North American in rheumatology and perinatology) since I've seen him in the past. He said that Dr. Laskin would run bloodwork and give the go ahead based on that on whether we can start trying for another baby and when.

Once I get pregnant, I would see Dr. Shilletto as my primary ob-gyn and deliver the baby at North York General Hospital (not Mt. Sinai or York Central). He also said that I should see a new Neurologist at North York General. That's perfectly fine by me - I never did like Dr. Licorish much anyway.

Now, I must share this... Aamir and I have been talking about just stopping now and not trying for another baby - ever. We have Camran and he's the perfect little child. He is intelligent, quick-witted and cute. Do we really want to risk trying for another baby, risk another flare, risk another miscarriage, risk another seizure and go back to the whole diaper/crying/feeding stage all over again? Taking all that into consideration, I was completely OK with stopping while we're ahead. Well, let's see what happens. I mean, just because the doctors say that it's ok to have another child, doesn't mean that we have to have another one, right? I'll still book the appointment with Dr. Laskin in case there's an oops pregnancy but I don't know if we're actually going to actively try anymore. I promise to keep you posted.

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