Monday, September 21, 2009

Getting more done

I made some calls this morning and set up appointments with my family doctor and my Rheumatologist. How I'm going to get to my appointments is another story. I received a letter from the Ministry of Transportation today saying that I had to mail my driver's license in immediately. I don't really want to rely on my father-in-law for rides but I don't have much choice.

I got through Eid fine. The family came over and I lasted the whole day without going upstairs for a nap. That's a major accomplishment for me. Of course, by 8 pm I dropped into bed shamelessly.

I started filling out my LTD forms. I'm almost done. I just have to put down all my prescriptions and their dosages. It made me feel really sad to complete the form since I've always been on the "employer" side and never the patient side. I just hope they approve me as mt short-term disability will run out at the end of November and after that I'll be income-less.

Today was not such a good day, physically. The good news is that my ears aren't blocked anymore. I did, however, have a headache for most of the day. I managed to avoid taking Tylenol, though, as I don't really need anymore medication. I just rubbed Vicks on my forehead and coped that way (kind of like our school nurse would do). I didn't nap today but I did lay down a lot. And I spent time with my son for the first time in weeks. I think he really misses me which causes him to misbehave and not listen to anyone. I think he gets genuinely scared that I might not come back from the hospital someday. It must be hard for a 4 year-old. I ended up making his breakfast, lunch, dinner and the next day's snack and lunch for school. So, I guess I accomplished enough.

One of our aunts came to visit me today and the first words out of her mouth "You look really good!". That was pretty much what everyone said at Eid too. No one really understands that I feel miserable inside. Maybe I need to get better at expressing my pain at the risk of sounding whiney. The good news is that my energy levels seem to be increasing. I can do more everyday. Tomorrow is another day...

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