Monday, September 28, 2009

One out of four aint bad

I only managed to accomplish the first out of the four To Do items in my last post. Still, I guess one out of four aint bad. The fact that I can do even one of those things is incredible. I'll work on the other three tomorrow.

I completed my portion of LTD forms. I also got a call from Dr. Sugai's office saying that his section of the forms were ready for pick-up. I'll go at some point this week and pick them up. The LTD application form should go out to the insurance company by the end of this week.

Interestingly enough, I have a really bad cold. Runny nose mostly and a sore throat. Aamir gave me the sickness but I don't think it's serious. Both Aamir and Camran had it last week and both got better within two days. Today was day number one for me. Technically, I should be better by mid-week.

I should also report that on Sep 16, I was 94 lbs. Today, almost 2 weeks later, I am 100 lbs.

I was supposed to go to the library today and pick up three books that are available for pick-up but it got late by the time I put Camran to bed. Plus Aamir was trying to connect our PC to the PS3 using the wireless internet - it worked.

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  1. This blog is incredible! It is wonderful to get an insight into what you're going through and as I maintained, you do writer very very well.
    More importantly though: you are (and always have been really) my biggest hero. You're taking this all in your stride and being typically in control of the situation rather than letting it take control of you. I'm cheering you on from the sidelines, the improvements you've made in a short time are nothing short of legendary.
    I'll keep reading, so make sure you keep writing!