Thursday, November 12, 2009

Taper continues

I tapered Prednisone to 7.5mg today. I slept really well last night but around 1:30 pm, after lunch, I started to get really sleepy. The good thing was that I just needed 15 minutes of shuteye and I was well-rested and alert again. I'm taking that as a good sign.

Another piece of news... my weight went up to 106.6 lbs (48.5 kg) today. A whole pound and a half from 2 days ago. I'm sure part of that is the Prednisone working but part of it is the amount of food I'm consuming. I eat every 2 hours. Of course, the Prednisone makes me hungry all the time so I hope I can keep up with this eating even after I go back to work.

One natural consequence of putting on weight is that I'm getting pudgy. Yes, around the middle (which never really went away after I had Camran). So, I started a new exercise regime. Just 3 different exercises working on abs, upper thighs and upper arms (started with 2 sets x 15 reps). I plan on continuing this for the next 12 weeks and work up to a more rigorous routine once I'm back at work. Tomorrow I'm also going to start my walking "program". Just a quick walk around the block to start. The weather is cool now, but some long underwear, my down-filled jacket, hat and gloves should keep me protected. Once the winter really hits, I might have to stop with all the snow on the ground. Although, really, that's not an excuse since I have amazing winter boots now.

In other words, I'm all out of excuses to not live a fairly normal life. Aside from the fact that I'm taking 8 pills a day, I'm feeling alright. The definite plus to all this is that I know now that the pills work in the event I'm faced with another flare. Just that makes me feel so much better. The familiar feeling of having control (or at least some semblance of it) is coming back. :)

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