Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Follow-up with Neurologist

I went for follow-up appointments today with the Neurologist and Infectious Disease doctors at York Central Hospital. Dr. Licorish, the neuro, recommended that I stay on Keppra. She said that most people get used to the side effects and it really does cut the incidents of seizures significantly. She said I should stay on it for at least a year or two and then wean off slowly. I could come off it now but there would be the risk of having another seizure which I'm not willing to take. So, for now, I continue with the Keppra. I told her about the anxiety and restlessness that I felt and she said that, over time, I would get used to it. But I was at a high risk of having another seizure if I stopped the medication. She wants me to go for another EEG and then follow-up with her again. Also, the infectious disesase doctor said that there doesn't appear to be any kind of infection in my system so I don't need to see him again. So that's a positive thing.

I thought the insomnia had gone but I still suffer from it. I slept at 4 am again this morning and woke up to take Camran. The good thing about staying up late at night when everyone else is asleep is that I get to write my novel. I've made some good progress and I have about 8,000 words down on paper. Not all of it is perfect and I might edit most of it but at least it's down. I have 3,300 words of good solid novel prose written. The rest is a lot of filler stuff but it's important all the same. I have a goal of writing 1,500 words every day and I should be done by mid-November, leaving me with over a month of editing and rewriting. I should still be able to meet my December 31 deadline.

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