Friday, October 30, 2009

More Tapering

I reduced my Predisone by another 2.5 mg yesterday down to 10 mg per day. I get sleepy a lot more these days than when I was on the 15 mg per day dose. That could also be the weather. Toronto weather in October/November is just miserable.

I have to go in for another blood test in three weeks. I'm feeling a lot better now so I'm hoping that I stay that way and that my blood work shows it.

I've been sleeping the last 2 nights too. Not sure if that's because of the Prednisone taper or just that my body's wary of sleep depravation. It almost seems like I don't sleep for 2 nights (or very little at 2-3 hrs a night) and then sleep a full 10 hours on the third night. I can't wait to be off this medication.

I left a message with Dr. Licorish's office for a follow-up appointment to the EEG I did last week. Haven't heard back yet. I also left a message for RBC Insurance. They were supposed to call me back early this week with an answer on whether my LTD was approved or not. Haven't heard back from her either. Looks like I'll have to follow-up again next week.

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