Friday, October 9, 2009

Mystery Shopping

My romance novel isn't progressing as well as I thought it would. I have about 6000 words so far and I'm floundering (I think). I was reading "Writing Romance" by Vanessa Grant and realised that my characters are not as well developed. Apparently when you know your hero and heroine intimately, the story sort of writes itself with the broad direction you give it through your basic premise. I'll try it and see if that works.

On another note, I signed up for mystery shopping assignments. There are companies out there who hire mystery shoppers for other companies (usually retail, sometimes restaurants) and these mystery shoppers pretend to be real shoppers and check for things like store appearance, customer service, etc. and then write up a detailed report on their experience. I didn't think I would get anything so soon but I have my first assignment tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes.

Oh yeah, about the lupus... I'm feeling great these days. I've been feeling energetic. I actually slept last night. Passed out is more like it. I was dead to the world till 6 am this morning. It was great!

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