Saturday, October 3, 2009

Gone with the insomnia

Last night, for the first time in a week, I slept uninterrupted. Camran didn't crawl into my bed till dawn, so I actually got 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Complete bliss. So, it appears that I've overcome the insomnia. Of course, as Aamir would say, a single data point is not sufficient to draw an accurate conclusion. I'll keep you posted on the insomnia situation.

I was supposed to go for my routine lupus blood test today but the lab closed early for some reason. This was in preparation for my appointment with Dr. Sugai (Rheumy) on Oct 14. Labs are all closed on Sunday so I'm going to have to do this blood test next week sometime. I have an appointment with the Infectious Disease doctor, Dr. Chen, on Wednesday at York Central Hospital, so I might just go down to their lab and get it done there. They take like, 12 vials of blood for these tests.

Aamir bought these HUGE prime rib steaks last night (he tells me they were about 1 lb each - that's half a kilo!!). We broiled them in the oven for 20 mins and, let me tell you, these steaks were better than any Keg prime rib! And I would never ever say that unless I meant it! I steamed some asparagus with them and it was a perfect meal. I could only finish half of mine so I had the other half for dinner tonight. Clearly, I'm feeling a lot better!

I also continued working on my romance novel. I wasn't too happy with my plot last night so I got a recent Harlequin book from the library today just to see how far off the mark I was. I think my story/characters are just fine. So far I have about 5 pages down of my story and I need to write about 200. I 've set a goal for myself (surprise, surprise). I am aiming to send out my manuscript to the Mills & Boon office by December 31. I'm banking on the fact that most people are going to be busy with the holidays to have time to submit manuscripts so there will be less of a "pile" to contend with.

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