Monday, October 12, 2009

Thanksgiving weekend update

This weekend was the Thanksgiving long weekend in Canada. On Saturday, we were out running errands again. I had to refill my prescription for Keppra and Plaquenil and buy groceries for next week.

I went on my mystery shopping assignment on Saturday too. I was surprisingly nervous but it was easier and quicker than I thought. I submitted my report by 10:30 pm but I haven't heard back on whether the report was acceptable or not. I'm still not entirely convinced this isn't a scam so I'm not signing up for any more assignments until I hear back with confirmation that they're going to pay me my $13.

On Sunday, Aamir's uncle invited us for lunch at this Chinese place in Brampton (west end of the greater Toronto area and about 40 mins from my place). The food was pretty good and I ate like a pig, naturally. Gotta love the steroids! Anyway, then his uncle and aunt came back to our place and we ended up playing cards till 1 am. It was fun and I didn't lose every single hand I played like I normally do.

Today was a relaxing day. I prepared Camran's lunch for tomorrow and cut up his chicken for the rest of this week. Prince Camran only likes the barbecue whole chicken from Loblaws. I was grateful to God that I don't have the joint pain because all that cutting and chopping would not do good for my finger joints. I don't have the joint pain problem and my fingers were still a little stiff after that. I prepared my tuna salad for the week too so I'm set till next weekend.

This week on Wednesday I have my follow-up Rheumy appointment. He's going to go over the blood work I did last week and hopefully start tapering my Prednisone dosage. Not looking forward to that as I've heard some pretty bad horror stories of the taper process. We'll see. I'm on a pretty low dose now anyway (only 15 mg a day) so hopefully, it won't be horrible.

Couple of things to do tomorrow:
- Call work and retrieve my personal folder from my drive at work
- Call York Central Hospital and follow-up on my EEG test appointment
- Work on my romance novel

Speaking of my romance novel... I'm stuck. I thought I had a plot but now I'm second guessing myself. Instinct tells me that I should just write and worry about logistics later but the planner in me tells me to outline everything before I spend hours and hours writing. My goal of writing 1500 words a day has been suspended for the moment till I get the plot issue figured out.

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